Extend the Life of Big Ticket Purchases -- Savings Experiment

Extend The Life of Big Ticket Purchases
Extend The Life of Big Ticket Purchases

Big ticket items like mattresses and rugs cost a lot, and it's in your best interest to make them last as long as possible. Here are some ways to extend the life of your major purchases and really make your dollar stretch.

Let's start with mattresses. On average, a decent model will last for about 7 to 10 years before it starts to wear out. However, by using a mattress cover, flipping it a few times a year and telling your pet to sleep on the floor, you can keep it for years past its prime.

If your bed is starting to feel lumpy and stiff, don't just kick it to the curb. Try using a memory foam topper instead. For around $50, it'll make your bed more comfortable, so you'll be able to hold onto your mattress and your money.

We all know that vacuuming your carpet and having it shampooed every couple of years helps to keep it looking new. What may come as a surprise is that your bare feet can do as much damage to your carpet as your shoes. That's right -- your skin produces oil naturally, and that very same oil will attract dirt and make your carpet look a lot older than it is.

To stop that from happening, keep a shoe rack and a basket of house slippers on hand. They'll keep the dirt away and keep your feet feeling cozy.

Finally, when it comes to area rugs, here are a few steps you can take now to protect it for later on. Roll up your rug and dust underneath it, and while you're there, check for any sign of insects -- that's where they like to live. Get a good rug pad, too. It'll keep the fibers from getting pulled in different directions, while reducing wrinkles as well. Rotate your rug once or twice a year, especially if it's exposed to sunlight or covered by furniture. It'll help it wear evenly.

Remember these tips to get the most out of your mattresses, carpets and area rugs. You'll realize that by doing the little things, you can maximize their lifespan in a big way.


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