Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Las Vegas Weekend 2015


I had the pleasure of attending the Magic The Gathering Grand Pix in Las Vegas this past weekend.

I must say, I was absolutely impressed with the turnout, the energy, and the over buzz the whole event generated at the Las Vegas Convention Center, (event took play May 29 - 31).

Traditionally this game was established as a trading card game and continues to thrive in that fashion as demonstrated at last weeks convention. Where is interested, is the online playability demonstrated by Magic the Gathering: Online and other programs. also recognized the way this resonates with online gamers of all ages. We would definitely be open to the potential of partnering with developers to add a Magic like game to our library. I am talking particularly about the example that the game Hearthstone demonstrates by putting out trading card video game that is so popular with fans and why Magic Online hadn't had the success Hearthstone has had with online players.

The Weekend:
In speaking with some of the players and staff, the turnout was estimated at about 12,000 in attendance through the entire event to include players, vendors, fans, etc. (preliminary estimate). The latest scheduled games were to run until about 10PM that last Sunday night and the staff was actually surprised that they opened up and used all four halls of the center. Gaming at it's finest!

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