The Top 5 Embarrassing Errors to Avoid in Your Job Interview

Business executive discussing with his client

By Robin Madell

When you're in the hot seat during a job interview, it's easy to get nervous and make mistakes. The hiring team might overlook certain slip-ups, like momentarily forgetting someone's name. However, other flubs might be considered more substantive, and in addition to being embarrassing, they could also cost you the job.

Review this list of the top five face-reddeners that candidates at all levels can make in job interviews, and learn how to avoid them:

Showing up late. It may seem like a no-brainer to arrive on time to any and every interview, even if the company you're meeting with has a more casual work environment. But in a 2013 survey by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania, nearly 30 percent of the of human resource professionals surveyed noted that having candidates show up late for an interview was the most common mistake they see during the hiring process.