Be Savvy About Repair Service -- Savings Experiment

Be Savvy About Repair Service
Be Savvy About Repair Service

The truth is, there are many repair service companies that will try to scam you. Here's how to avoid the trouble.

"Fix-it fraudsters," as they are called, will ask for payment in advance and then buy materials for cheap in order to pocket the leftover money. But a legitimate repair service will have credit lines with local suppliers so you don't get charged a dime until your repair job is complete.

Also, watch out for any technician that asks to take your appliance away for repairs. Nowadays virtually all appliances can be fixed in-home so there's never a good reason for your appliance to leave your house.

Remember, when it comes to hiring a repair service, being a little bit savvy can save you money and a lot of headaches. Looking out for these red flags will get your appliance repaired, without doing damage to your savings.