3 Reasons Not to Tweet Your Next Pizza Order

Earns Domino's
Douglas C. Pizac/AP

Your next Domino's (DPZ) order is just a Twitter (TWTR) post away. The pizza delivery giant is making it as easy as possible to order your next pie, once you get past the initially cumbersome setup process.

Registered users at Domino's website can set up a Pizza Profile, designating the order of choice as an Easy Order, and tethering a Twitter account to their Domino's profile. They then need to make sure that they follow @Dominos on Twitter so they can receive an order confirmation by Direct Message.

Those are a few of the hurdles that need to be cleared, but it's smooth sailing after that. The next time a hankering for some pizza strikes, a simple Twitter post mentioning @Dominos -- and either the #EasyOrder hashtag or a pizza slice emoji -- gets the process started.

It's trendy. It's gimmicky. It also might not be right for you. Let's go over three reasons you may want to order your pizzas the old way.

1. Discounting the Discounts

A big problem with having a preset order is that you might miss out on a special promotion. This isn't necessarily a big problem at Domino's. It tends to offer everyday discounted pricing on signature items, unlike rival Papa John's (PZZA), which routinely offers online coupon codes to get 25 or 50 percent off an order.

However, if you're married to your Easy Order, you might miss out on some of the new promotions or even new items that Domino's has to offer. In short, it could cost you money to go the "tweet-to-order" route.

2. Pizza Snob Shaming

Another hurdle to set this up is that you must make your tweet to @Dominos public. That's the only way that the chain can see your order. In other words, everyone who's following you on Twitter will know that you're settling for Domino's delivery for dinner.

There's nothing wrong with Domino's. It has made some welcome food quality improvements in recent years, and the specialty chicken is outrageously tasty for those who want something other than pizza. However, there could be some friendly backlash from publicizing your order, even if Domino's is only hoping that this will make the "tweet-to-order" platform go viral.

3. Security Concerns

Domino's just launched the new platform Wednesday, so it remains to be seen if there are any glitches along the way. However, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how nefarious Internet users could try to take advantage of the platform.

A public tweet by someone who can be easily identified could result in them being victimized by someone posing as Domino's trying to verify the payment information. Let's not play innocent; you know this will happen. Even if it's a friendly prank, public orders on a social media platform with more than 302 million monthly active users is going to open the door to some unwelcome attention. Unless your Twitter account does not make it easy for an outsider to identify who you are, you may want to pass on the new social ordering method.

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