The Finding That Men Are Pretending to Work 80-Hour Weeks Says a Lot About Modern Management

happy young business man at office

By Shana Lebowitz

Fields like finance and consulting are notorious for their life-sucking, 80-hour-plus workweeks.

But new research suggests some men are only pretending to work that much - and the fakers are getting just as much praise from management as the true workaholics.

The study, conducted by Erin Reid, Ph.D., assistant professor of organization at Boston University's Questrom School of Business, focused on employees at an anonymous global strategy consulting firm with a big presence in the US.

The company was known for being demanding of workers' time. Employees told Reid the firm expected them to be available for their work at all times and in all places.

Reid reviewed performance evaluations, examined turnover data, and conducted interviews with many of the firm's employees.