Time-Saving, Worry-Reducing Tech Products for New Parents

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Being a new parent can be an exciting and terrifying thing. Babies need constant supervision during the day, sleep becomes a precious commodity at night, and it seems nearly impossible to know whether they have a run-of-the-mill cold or if something is seriously wrong.

Technology can't make those stresses go away, but it can ease some of them for new parents. Here are four exciting new products that could save time, stress and even money for new parents. These products might not be right for everyone, but knowing what products could make your life easier as a parent is valuable, even if it means sleeping just a little better at night.

Baby Bottles Made Easy

Kuerig has made coffee as simple as pushing a button, and that technology has now made its way to baby bottles.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro ($160) will heat water to body temperature, mix it with baby formula and fill a bottle in as little as 14 seconds. No need to scoop formula, microwave it for just the right amount of time, or even test the temperature. The bottle is filled and ready to go.

For older babies, the Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker ($100-$110) will steam and blend fresh fruits, vegetables and meats with the push of a button. Not only can this make healthier foods, Baby Brezza claims it can save parents $500 to $1,300 per year in the cost of pre-packaged foods.

Baby Monitors Do More

Wondering whether your baby is sleeping, crying, or even breathing properly? The amount of time spent worrying about a baby in another room is incredible for parents, and it's why baby monitors have become a staple. Baby monitors were at first listen-only products that didn't tell you much more than whether a baby is crying. Many of today's monitors do more.

  • The Mimo monitor ($200 for the monitor and three kimonos) will track the baby's breathing, body position and skin temperature, sending you alerts if something is potentially wrong. Simply having this data wasn't possible just a few years ago, and now it's available on your phone with the ability to wake you if something is wrong in the middle of the night. A product like the turtle-shaped Mimo could help put your mind at ease and help you sleep better.

  • A line of monitors from iBaby ($110 to $200) allow you to watch your baby through a smartphone app and even record images as they happen.

  • Withings' baby monitor will track room temperature, humidity and noise -- plus movement of your baby. That's information that parents used to just guess at. It's also available for viewing on a smartphone, meaning you can watch your baby from miles away.

A Stroller That Won't Make You Look Like a Fool

We've all seen that parent at the park or the mall struggling to get a stroller out of a car, unfold it and pack in the essentials needed for a walk with baby. But strollers are improving for parents.

The 4Moms Origami stroller not only folds and unfolds itself with the push of a button, it will charge your phone and tell you how far you've walked on a built-in LCD display. The folding feature makes it easy to take out of a car and set up, while the odometer and phone-charging features are nice add-ons that add a little more functionality to a once clumsy device.

Spending $850 on a stroller isn't for everyone, but this is a glimpse of where devices that have always been a little under-engineered may be heading.

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