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Save Time Selling Online
Save Time Selling Online

There's an easy way to make extra cash selling items online, while having someone else do all the work. Here's how.

You've heard of eBay, but now the site has a new service called eBay Valet. It's a simple way to earn money without all the hassle of setting up listings. To get started, simply package up an item you want to sell, ship it to eBay using a free pre-paid label and then sit back and let eBay Valet handle the rest.

The service will photograph your item, create a professional looking posting and even deal with customer inquiries. Once your item sells, they'll ship the product to the buyer and send you up to 80 percent of the sale price via PayPal.

Before you sign up, it helps to know what you can and can't sell on the site. Electronics, sporting goods, instruments, kitchen appliances and designer shoes are just a few things eBay Valet will advertise for you. However, heavy items, clothing, fragile items and things worth less than $40 are generally not accepted. To play it safe, always check the eBay Valet site first to see if your item will be approved.

Cleaning out your closet this spring? Why not make a few bucks while you're at it. Check out eBay Valet and enjoy the profits of selling online without the extra work.