Jimmy Rollins Considers Himself a Feminist - Here's Why

Jimmy Rollins and Sheryl Sandberg have both reached the pinnacles of their professions - as World Series champion and Facebook COO. In this episode of Win Win, the two industry leaders share their observations of equality in the work place, and why true leaders can never be afraid to get their hands dirty.

"I work in business. I have a business career. But the workplace isn't working for women," says Sandberg. "And the home situation and the lack of balance isn't working for women, and it's up to all of us to change that."Rollins also speaks out on his controversial decision to take time off after the birth of his second daughter. "There's nothing more important than being there for your wife, for your child, making sure everything's okay," he says. Identifying himself as a feminist, he describes the kind of world he'd like his young daughter to inherit.

"I want them to have every opportunity everyone has. If you're capable of doing the job, you should have an opportunity to get that job."

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