Ask Jack: Escaping for Midday Interviews + Job of the Week

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AOL Jobs reader Antoinette has a job, but wants a different job. And she just got some good news....

This company I applied to wants to interview me!!! They said either tomorrow or Friday between 12-2. How do I make up an excuse in the middle of the day to go?

Antoinette, did you forget about that doctor's appointment you scheduled? (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) Schedule the interview first; then tell your boss. You tried to make it for before or after work, but it was the only time they could fit you in. If you don't want to field any more questions about this, say it's your gynecologist or gastroenterologist. Guaranteed conversation killers! And if you want to be a good sport, say that you'll gladly stay late that day if needed. Good luck with your... ahem... "doctor visit"!

Wow, Antoinette is really nervous; she submitted ANOTHER question. I don't normally take two from the same person, but let's help the kid out, huh?

Me again. I need to look hella sharp for this interview. I've been dressing really casually at my current job though!! What do I do?

Now, Antoinette, I'm probably the wrong person to ask for fashion advice; a friend once said most of my wardrobe looked like it was "won in contests." (Am still not 100% sure what that meant, but it wasn't a compliment.) I do have an answer for you, though. You hinted at the real challenge here: You can't show up for work that day in something radically different than you'd normally wear. If we didn't already use the doctor excuse, you could dress up and say you had a date that night, or an alumni event, etc. But now you're stuck in your casual duds.

Ah, but don't fret, because this is what public restrooms are for! (Well, besides going to the bathroom.) Build in enough time for your -- cough, cough -- doctor's appointment so you can duck in somewhere for a quick wardrobe change. I once skipped out of work, drove to a different parking lot, and switched into my suit right there in the car before heading to an interview. Again, good luck, and just don't forget to change back before you return to work afterwards. Otherwise you'll have to get really creative about what happened at the doctor's office....

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Jack's Job of the Week

Hey, here's a good listing for a Medical Receptionist in Jacksonville, Florida. Previous experience in an orthotic and prosthetic office is preferred, and it is a busy practice. But, think of all the fake appointments that you WON'T have to schedule! This is just one of the thousands of available jobs coast-to-coast listed here, for every interest and skill level. Do your own search on AOL Jobs; you'll be making excuses to sneak out for an interview in no time.

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