Top Occupations For Workers Over 50

Successful mature business manager working on computer with his colleagues at desk
CareerBuilder recently released a report that looked at the changing composition of jobs by age, gender, and race from 2001-2014. One of the most striking demographic shifts was the percentage of the U.S. workforce that was age 55 and older, with a workforce growth of 40% between 2001 and 2014.

But what type of occupations are the 55+ set dominating? CareerBuilder also looked at which occupations had the highest percentage of workers age 55 and older, as well as the same occupations' average hourly earnings.Members of the clergy are most likely to be older, with 46.5% of the clergy age 55 and older. This is followed by librarians (44.4%), metal and plastic patternmakers (41.5%), chief executives (38.7%), and construction and building inspectors (38%). The top paying jobs that had a high percentage of workers ages 55 and older were oral and maxillofacial surgeons (average hourly earnings of $92.24), chief executives (average of $81.76/hr), dentists ($72.40/hr), architectural and engineering managers ($62.31/hr), and physicists ($52.20/hr).

So what can workers young and old make of this data? Well, if you're 55 and older and in one of these fields, you know that you're in one of the top occupations for your demographic.

When this aging workforce retires, companies and talent acquisition executives that employ people in these occupations need to ensure they have qualified candidates to fill these positions. If you're in a younger demographic, in a few years you could have a chance to step into an elevated role or a higher demand career.
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