How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

a mother sitting at a table working with a laptop

By Nicole Williams

Who isn't guilty of fantasizing about working from home – until about a month later, when you're sitting in your pajamas and haven't left the house during daylight hours. With limited separation between the personal and the professional and little contact with others, working from home can become depressing and discouraging.

After all, not only do you depend on people, but your careers depend on people. You require interaction to be successful. The opportunity to talk things out in order to come to a conclusion and create innovative ideas can be tough without the lunchroom.

Thankfully, technology is an enormous help in terms of connecting us with others. Joining virtual, industry-based groups and committees in which you can ask questions and share ideas and thoughts with legitimate professionals helps you avoid stagnation and foster an environment of innovation – all from the comfort of your home.

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