Why You Need Renter's Insurance -- Savings Experiment

Why You Need Renter's Insurance
Why You Need Renter's Insurance

Just because you rent your home, doesn't mean you're protected by your landlord's insurance. A landlord's insurance policy will usually only cover the building itself, not your items inside it. That's why you should invest in renter's insurance.

Accidents like fires and floods not only can damage your stuff, but also the property of other people in your building. With renter's insurance you'll be protected from having to cover unexpected costs down the line. At around $12 a month, it's a pretty good investment in case of an emergency.

And if you're looking for a way to save on coverage, a lot of providers offer discounts if you let them know that your installing stuff like smoke-detectors, burglar-alarms and even sprinkler systems.

So remember, spending a little money on renter's insurance now could save you from having to pay a lot on unexpected costs later.