Now Hiring: Kate Middleton and Prince William

Are you tired of your boring office job and dreaming of a career across the Atlantic? Did your nightmare commute have you dreaming of freely roaming the English countryside? Most importantly, would you like to have Prince William and Kate Middleton as your bosses?

Well, then start glossing up your resume and lining up a long list of references, because the Royals are hiring. Kate Middleton and Prince William have placed an ad looking for a housekeeper at their ten-bedroom country house in Norfolk. They placed an ad in The Lady, England's longest running weekly magazine for women. Its audience is "elegant women with elegant minds".According to the ad, they are looking for "someone with previous housekeeping experience, ideally within a large private house, and preferably within a family environment with dogs".

The housekeeper's duties will include "cleaning all areas of the house to a high standard; caring for and maintaining the home owners' clothing; cleaning silverware and glassware; purchasing groceries and general provisions for the house; and dealing with deliveries. On occasions, the role will also involve the preparation of meals, assisting with childcare and caring for dogs."

Imagine, you could handle Kate's couture wardrobe! Your guidance could have a direct influence on little Prince George and his future sibling (Kate is currently eight months pregnant). Just don't expect to Instagram any pics of the Royal Dog, or possibly even tell your friends and family what your job is. The ad notes that, "Discretion and loyalty is paramount".

While the interview and application process is sure to be tough, it's reassuring to know that even Will and Kate have to place ads to find their employees. Sigh, it's just so hard to find good help these days!

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