Wall Street This Week: FedEx Lands, Sony Expands

Earns FedEx
Mark Lennihan/AP

From a Japanese video game giant finally rolling out the PS4 in the world's most populous nation to a delivery titan offering up its latest read on the economy, here are some of the things that will help shape the week that lies ahead on Wall Street.

Monday -- Freeze Frame

Eastman Kodak (KODK) will pose for its quarterly snapshot when it reports fresh financials on Monday afternoon. The photo pioneer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy three years ago, emerging in late 2013 as a leaner imaging technology company.

It wasn't a popular restructuring, eliminating pension fund obligations overseas and retirement health care costs closer to home. However, the painful 20-month bankruptcy process resulted in Kodak continuing to exist in some form today.

Tuesday -- Photo Shop

Another company that is all about imaging technology is Adobe Systems (ADBE). The top dog in desktop publishing software is the company behind Photoshop, Acrobat-authored PDF files and Flash video.

Adobe reports on Tuesday. Analysts see revenue climbing 9 percent with earnings per share growing at an even heartier 30 percent clip.

Wednesday -- Fed Up

FedEx (FDX) reports on Wednesday. The speedy delivery specialist is often seen as a great proxy for the economy. If companies are rushing important physical documents and consumers are paying up for expedited deliveries, then things must be going well.

Wall Street sees revenue climbing just 4 percent higher. Analysts also are expecting a profit of $1.87 a share for the quarter, up sharply from the $1.23 a share it posted a year earlier. That's great, but it did fall short of profit targets in its previous quarter.

Thursday -- Can You Sell Me Know? Good!

Verizon (VZ) will start selling Google's (GOOG) (GOOGL) Nexus 6 on Thursday. That's significant, coming after all of the other major wireless carriers began offering Google's flagship Android smartphone last November.

Friday -- Sony Comes to Play

Sony's (SNE) PlayStation 4 will finally make its way to China on Friday. That Japanese gaming giant was hoping to introduce its latest video game console in the world's most populous nation two months ago, but China's government sought changes to the platform that took weeks to implement.

Sony is also rolling out the handheld PlayStation Vita, but the console has been its biggest winner during this generation of gaming platforms. Sony has been shaving costs and cutting loose poorly performing businesses, making it more dependent on the global success of the PS4.

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