Mobile Game of the Week: Andy's Golf

This week's Mobile Game of the Week will test your golf skills - and maybe your patience.

In Andy's Golf, your tasks are very simple; you're basically out on the range playing a round of golf. For each hole, you'll be given a par which (for those who have never played golf before) indicates the amount of strokes you have to get the ball into the hole. Ideally, you want to make it in the least amount of strokes, thereby ending each 18-hole round with the lowest possible score.

To make things a bit difficult, you'll face a mixture of various different traps and hazards as you progress. You'll want to chip the ball over sand, water, and bush traps. You'll also want to make sure not to hit the ball to hard or it will go past the flag and out of bounds, counting as one of your strokes.

Can you overcome the various hazards and beat the par score?

Click here to test your skills in Andy's Golf now.