Want to make a name for yourself? Build your own box

Don't Think Outside the Box, Create YOUR Own
Don't Think Outside the Box, Create YOUR Own

lllustrator extraordinaire and Instagram aficionado Donald Robertson is known for his bold creativity -- but he recognizes breaking the mold professionally isn't always an easy feat.

The brains behind the redesigns of magazines like Glamour and ad campaigns for global beauty brands shared his recipe for success with AOL BUILD on Tuesday.

For anybody who's trying to "create a world that they own," Robertson offered up a critical tip.

"if somebody says to you, 'Just think outside the box,' just ignore them. Turn away," he said.

The cliché drives the "Fashion is Nuts" author crazy.

Instead of thinking outside the box, Robertson takes the truism one step further. In order to make a name for yourself in an industry you're passionate about, the key is to build your own box.

"You need to put a box around you and you need to pick your color, and you need to pick your typeface, and you need to pick the materials you work with and you need to pick the people that you like, and you need to create your box," he said.

"When people start to lose it a little bit is when they go out of their box, or they start to try to borrow from someone else's box and then they get panicky and then they lose it."

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