4 Stealth Apps Let You Job Hunt on the Sly

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Looking at new job opportunities can be tough when you're already employed. Tip your hand and your current employer may also start looking -- for your replacement. Online systems like job boards are great, but they don't give you the anonymity a private job hunt needs.

If you need privacy, you're what is called a passive candidate -- someone already with a job who is still open to hearing about something better. Luckily for you there are apps to help you shop around, as WBZ-TV reported.

The apps belong to an emerging category of covert job search software for the already employed. The idea is to match people and companies without current bosses seeing something suspicious on a resume board, job site, or even though a recruiter connection. All the apps conceal your identity until you're ready to reveal it. Here are four choices.


Check in and list your private requirements for leaving your current position and taking a new one. Poachable will assemble a list of potential matches, based on your criteria. You go through and say "maybe" to the ones that might be of interest. The employers are then alerted that a potential candidate is interested. They then have to indicate their interest, at which point you're notified and can reveal your real identity. The system is Web-based, so although you can use it on your phone, you could also log in on a desktop, laptop or tablet.


Another phone app, Poacht is available for both the iPhone and Android-based handsets. You can connect the app to your LinkedIn account to automatically create a custom profile. As with the other systems, algorithms match your background, interests and requirements to potential job matches. You indicate which catch your attention, the companies are notified, and they can then review your profile and send an interview request, at which point you can reveal your identity.


Switch is designed for the tech set and is available only for the iPhone. The potential candidate uploads a professional profile and picks potential positions with the characteristics you specify with a swipe of the screen. Within minutes, you can be chatting online with hiring personnel.


Named for the prized but hidden mushroom relative that must be hunted and dug up, Whitetruffle also pairs stealth candidates with potential employers. Like Switch, it's focused on the high tech industry. It's Web-based and you build a profile that's then matched to job possibilities delivered to your inbox. You can accept or pass on matches, as can the employer. When both say they're interested, the system makes a mutual introduction by email.
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