Need A Part-Time Job? Check Out These Top 10 Choices

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Looking for work but not too much of it? You're in luck, at least if you have any experience in the top temporary and part-time positions for 2015, according to CareerCastTemporary. Companies need help in some key areas, but not all have enough work to load up on full-time hires. You can tell by the official numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 27.5 million people worked part-time in January, or less than 35 hours a week by the agency's definition.

According to CareerCastTemporary, there are three types of work that fall into the part-time bucket: traditional part-time workers doing less than 35 hours a week, freelance or consulting assignments, and seasonal work. The company says that the choices for best part-time jobs run the gamut.

There are many reasons companies might want part-time help. It could be that they have true seasonal needs, like retail stores or warehouses that look for extra help around the holidays or accounting and tax preparation firms that have to boost the number of accountants between January and April. Some companies need some amount of help in a specialty area, but not enough to justify a full-time hire. To be fair, there are also employers who want part-time employees to reduce the number that must be offered benefits.

Whatever the reason, there are opportunities available, whether you want to work a reduced number of hours in total, plan to supplement a full-time job, piece together part-time assignments to build a business, or live according to the shift of the seasons. Here are the ten top demanded part-time jobs and their associated median hourly wages, according to an analysis of BLS data that CareerCast undertook.
  • Accountant: $30.55
  • Computer programmer: $35.71
  • Delivery truck driver: $13.23
  • Graphic designer: $21.22
  • Management analyst: $37.79
  • Market research analyst: $28.99
  • Material movers: $11.04
  • Network and computer systems administrator: $34.88
  • Proofreader/copy marker: $15.93
  • Writer/author: $26.89
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