How Writing the Word 'Done' Can Make You More Successful

By Jacquelyn Smith

"There is one word at work that arrives like a gift. It makes me feel happy and brings a jolt of joy to everyone who sees it in an email, IM, or text," writes writes Brian de Haaff, CEO of Aha!, in a recent LinkedIn post.

The word: "Done."

He says writing this word denotes team progress and "speaks to our sense of accomplishment - both as individuals and a team." And it makes you feel successful.

Here are two reasons saying and writing the word "done" can make you achieve greater success at work:

1) It builds confidence.

"The more often you complete a task, the more your confidence to achieve what's next grows," de Haaff explains.

He says writing "Done!" to your colleague or boss who has asked for a status update on a task "means everything."

"It's similar to crossing items off a to-do list, but in a collaborative way. That sense of confidence allows you to take on new challenges and continue to grow."

This leads to better results, and therefore greater success.

2) It highlights your value.

Finishing a task is energizing, and when you write the word "done," it highlights your contribution, de Haaff says.

"It also enhances your reputation for being trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. Ultimately, our accomplishments are what satisfy our internal ambitions and are rewarded at work too."

And, since how you're perceived (and how you perceive yourself) plays a big part in your professional success, this is key.

He says people who love and respect the word "done" are driven to achieve greatness. "Their hard work drives them to achieve their own goals and ensure their teams are terrific too," he concludes.

Read the full LinkedIn post here.