State Dept Spokeswoman: End ISIS By Giving Them Jobs

A State Department spokesperson's solution to stop ISIS from continuing to behead innocent people boils down to "killing them with kindness."

During Monday evening's "Hardball With Chris Matthews," State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf outlined a new plan to stop the terrorist group, saying "We're killing a lot of them, and we're going to keep killing more of them. [...] But we cannot win this war by killing them. We need to [...] help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people."

As we've learned from experience in the US, providing everyone a well-paying job isn't easy...or even possible--a fact that wasn't lost on Twitter users. #JobsForISIS started going viral.

Self-proclaimed Second Amendment advocate Jenn Jacques posted, "#JobsForISIS Dear Ms #MarieHarf I am looking for something part time, I'm good with a knife, I like to get a head, excellent people skills."

Other users then started tweeting jobs that might be suitable for ISIS terrorists:

One posted, "Tyson .... Chicken beheaders..."

And, of course, a number of Twitter users posted, "State Department spokesperson."

Funny, but the most comical response was from "Fox News & Friends."

"When I first watched Marie Harf, and God bless her, I thought you had mixed up the tapes from 'Celebrity Apprentice.'" joked Laura Ingraham. "'Wait a minute, is that Leeza Gibbons?'"

What's even worse was the next thing Ingraham said.

"There are Christians all over the world who woke up over the weekend that said, 'this is about us, and our Jewish brothers and sisters. And [ISIS] will not be stopped until they are killed.' So Marie Harf and her 'Celebrity Apprentice' view of the world, and the President and his isolated view of the world are actually hurting the cause of destroying evil, because they won't really call it what it is."

Ingraham refers to the 21 Christians who were executed by ISIS. She and the rest of the morning news show are upset because the White House referred to them as "21 Egyptian citizens" rather than "21 Christians," thus failing to address this as a religious matter.

However, when FOX News reported on the murder of three American Muslims in North Carolina last week, they also failed to address the shooting as a religious matter. Instead, it was over a dispute over a parking spot.

Maybe we can laugh at the idea of killing ISIS with kindness, by giving them jobs and equal opportunity when we can't fix those issues at home. But we shouldn't write off religious struggles at home just because they happen to not apply to our home.
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