Game of the Week: Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition

While you're waiting for your dinner reservation with your Valentine this weekend, there's no better game to play than this week's Game of the Week, Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Edition.

In this Valentine's Day update of one of our most popular games on, your goal remains the same. Customers will come into your restaurant an order Valentine's Day-themed food - heart cakes, heart cookies, etc. It's you're job to bring them to each customer in a timely fashion so they do not get upset and leave. Once they are satisfied, collect the payment and clean the table; if you don't, new customers will leave as they don't want to sit at a dirty table.

Additionally, you'll have to keep an eye on Paige, Emily's new daughter, who will also need to be satisfied with your attention.

Click here to play Delicious Emily's New Beginning Valentine's Day Edition now!