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Anti Valentine Never Ever

AOL Jobs reader John Henry has a topical question....

There's a woman at my job who I kind of like. We've talked and we get along pretty well but I haven't "made a move." I was thinking with Valentine's Day coming up, I could get her a card or piece of candy or something? What do you think?

I once thought I got a Valentine at work, but upon closer inspection, it was a pink slip. Badump-bump! All kidding aside: Don't do it, man!! First, read the advice I gave about seeing a coworker on an online dating site. We really don't want to make anybody uncomfortable in the workplace.

Now, I don't want to come across as some sort of... hmm, how come there isn't a Scrooge or Grinch for Valentine's Day? That seems like a no-brainer moneymaker! Maybe we could reposition Domino's old "The Noid" character? Anyway, here's a thought. Get some sort of small, inexpensive Valentine's token for everybody at work (or on your team, department, floor). You will come across as a real nice fella and maybe, just maybe, probably not, but maybe, it will put you in a new light with that person you like. Good luck, Romeo!

Rufus wants to know:

On a job application, I was asked to write something to impress them with only 150 characters. What should I say?

Why 150, not 140? Fear of a Twitter lawsuit? Think of it as a mini "elevator pitch." Your key qualities and enthusiasm. Stick to 150, like I just did.

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Jack's Job of the Week

Valentine's Day is really quite soon. If you are in the Grand Prairie/Arlington area of Texas and apply very quickly, you could still tally some quality hours this week as a Flower Assembly Associate. Allergic, not in Texas, or looking for a more permanent position? Then do your own search on AOL Jobs. You'll come out of your job hunt smelling like a rose!

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