Teen Gets Fired Over Tweet Before Job Even Starts

We've heard of employees getting fired over dumb Tweets, but Twitter user Cellla_ might have the honor of being the first person to ever get fired over a Tweet before she even started the job.
The Texas teenager was recently hired at a pizzeria and her feelings about getting the new gig were less than enthusiastic.

However, she didn't actually have to start the next day, because her would-be boss tweeted to her:

@Cellla_ didn't seem too sad about the news. Using the tears-of-laughter emoji, she tweeted:

@Robertwaple, who is not a frequent Twitter user (his Tweets have since been locked), was apparently notified about @Cellla_'s tweet by one of his current employees.

@Cellla_ won't be taking phone orders or eating free pizza any time soon, but maybe she can get a job in social media or reality television. As her infamous original tweet continues to go viral, she's been re-tweeting the responses and basking in the minor celebrity.
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