Top 10 Jobs for Veterans

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American veterans returning to the civilian world seem to have finally broken through an old stereotype that relegated them to jobs in security.

That's the message of a new report from CareerCast that identifies the 10 best civilian jobs for veterans in 2015, and the industries that actively recruit them for their unique skills and training.

The latest government statistics underline the success veterans are having in the jobs market. The unemployment rate for veterans from all branches of the military is now 4.7 percent, lower than the overall rate of 5.6 percent. That figure includes 100,000 new hires just since December 2013, an improvement of 0.8 percent in a year.

Some big American corporate names have created programs custom-designed to lure veterans into their work forces. Ford Motor Co. offers specialized training. J.P. Morgan has a nine-week internship program for vets.

It all adds up to a revolution in corporate thinking about the skills and experience veterans bring to the job.

Here are the careers identified by CareerCast as the brightest prospects for military veterans in 2015, and the median salaries they command:

Top 10 Jobs for Veterans
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Top 10 Jobs for Veterans

Annual median salary $81,080

Military recruits learn organizational and time management skills. In the civilian world, they translate well to administrative services jobs.

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Annual median salary $82,790

American construction companies are aggressively hiring veterans, with the goal of adding 100,000 to their overall workforce by 2020. The managers who oversee construction crews get top dollar.

> Find a job as a construction program manager

Annual median salary $49,840

Government programs are available to underwrite technical training for veterans seeking to add specialized skills to their resumes. CareerCast considers the electricians' trade to be an ideal goal for veterans. Its union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, is said to have a camaraderie that is a great fit for ex-military personnel.

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Annual median salary $31,020

Veterans once found it difficult to get prospective employers to accept their military training in emergency medical treatment as a qualification for similar jobs in civilian life. That changed in 2013, with a measure passed by the U.S. Congress directing states with a shortage of EMTs to streamline their requirements to take military training into account.

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Annual median salary $50,890

The energy sector has been welcoming to veterans. These jobs often require familiarity with heavy equipment, and an insight into efficient methods for getting a job done. Like electricians' jobs, they may require additional technical training.

> Find a job as an industrial engineering technician

Annual median salary $46,990

Veterans with experience in the military court system are being welcomed in law firms.

> Find a job as a paralegal

Annual median salary $67,520

Charles Schwab, Capital One Financial and J.P. Morgan Chase all pop up on the MilitaryTimes list of best employers of veterans for 2014. They are among a number of big financial services firms that actively seek candidates with a military background. Among their valued attributes is their knowledge of the financial services needs of military personnel. Many veterans are now specializing in advising active and retired military personnel.

> Find a job as a personal finance advisor

Annual median salary $65,470

Health care is, hands down, the hottest industry in the U.S. right now. As demand for practical nurses and registered nurses grows, educational institutions are expanding their course offerings. Some junior colleges have designed fast-track licensing programs for veterans with medical experience.

> Find a job as a registered nurse

Annual median salary $85,430

The demand for computer-related technical skills has not abated, and isn't likely to do so in the foreseeable future. Companies including Microsoft have on-the-job training programs tailored to veterans.

> Find a job as a software engineer

Annual median salary $95,400

Many jobs in the military hone team leadership abilities. Those skills translate well to jobs in private industry. The pay is a lot better, too.

> Find a job as a training and development manager

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