Mobile Game of the Week: Deal or No Deal

Not only is the popular TV game show, Deal or No Deal, now on your desktop here at, it's also on you phone and this week's Mobile Game of the Week.

If you've ever watched the show, you'll know what to do. But if you've never tuned in before, you'll be asked to pick one case out of 26. That is your case and whatever amount of money is in it will be yours at the end of the game.

Next, you'll be slowly asked to pick a number of other cases, which will reveal what amounts of money you didn't pick. Sometimes it's a good thing like revealing that your case doesn't have $1 in it; sometimes it's horrible when you find out you didn't pick the $1 million case.

At the end of each round, an anonymous banker will offer you an amount of money to "buy" your case from you depending on what the banker thinks might be in it based off of what amount you've revealed thus far. You can either accept his deal or say "No Deal" and move on to the next round.

Click here to play Deal or No Deal now!