McDonald's Tells Employees Not to Suggest Salad

You don't win friends with salad. At least not at McDonald's.

Fresh off a menu makeover, in some locations McDonald's is specifically advising employees against promoting the side salad as an option with its Extra Value Meals. Extra Value Meals come with either an order of medium fries or salad.

CNBC visited an East Hanover, New Jersey location and reported that an internal company memo read, "Do not suggest side salad as an option, customer should request it when they order."

When CNBC asked McDonald's about the memo, company spokeswoman Lisa McComb said that customers are made aware of both choices by the menu board and can ask questions based on that. The purpose of the menu board frees employees from having to recite meal options and instead, "they can focus on accurately and efficiently ringing up the order".

If you're skeptical, don't worry, even if they aren't suggesting the side salad, McDonald's is at least pushing healthier fare for children. The chain promoted the recent addition of Cuties clementines to its Happy Meals' side choices.

Also, not too many customers actually choose salad from McDonald's anyway. Compared to french fries, salads have never driven sales for the Golden Arches. In mid-2013, CEO Don Thompson told investors that salads make up only 2 to 3 percent of company sales.
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