Lil' Mayo Steals the Show at Media Day

Patriots Adorable Mini-Newscaster Wins Everyone's Hearts

The hardest-working reporter on Super Bowl Media Day was not a seasoned sports journalist, but a cart-wheeling 4-year-old.

At the U.S. Airways Centerin Phoenix, Arizona, Chya Mayo (Lil' Mayo), the daughter of injured New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo, interviewed top players and coaches for her show "A Lil' Mayo" on

"What stuffed animals do you like?" she demanded to know from Coach Bill Belichick.

The notoriously stern New England Patriots coach actually cracked a smile and answered, "I like a little puppet that you can kind of put your fingers in. It's a little monkey, and then he can talk and move his fingers, nod his head. So he can kind of talk back to you. What's your favorite stuffed animal?"

"Hello Kitty!" a laughing Mayo answered.

Mayo cartwheeled around the arena, sang Super Bowl halftime show performer Katy Perry's song "Roar", and challenged New England Patriots tight end Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski to a dance-off. She also took a selfie via selfie stick with New England Patriots Defensive Lineman Vince Wilfork, or as she calls him, "Uncle Vince".

"Are you going to take me to Disney World if you win?" she asked Wilfork.

Other questions posed to New England Patriots players from the budding journalist included "How do you get your beard so thick?" to Julian Edelman, and "Are you excited to be here or do you like my shoes?" to Tom Brady.

"This is the best day of my life!" Mayo exclaimed.

Here's hoping that NBC decides to hire the charismatic reporter to cover Super Bowl XLIX itself on Sunday and if the Patriots win, that Uncle Vince will take her Disney World.

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