50 Years Of Perfect Job Attendance And Marriage

If anyone can stick with something, it's Ron Kline. The Ohio native is just about to celebrate 50 years without ever taking a single sick day while working at the same company, according to a press release. He's been married as long to his wife, Lois, and has 11 kids and 38 grandchildren.

Kline started working clean-up at the Mansfield Plumbing manufacturing facility Perrysville, Ohio on January 30, 1965, when he was 20. After 18 years as an inspector of products as they came out of the kiln, he shifted to driving trucks, never looked back, and never took a sick day, although he has taken the occasional vacation time. Kline has no plans for retirement.

"I enjoy it," he told WJW-TV. "I want to keep busy. I want to keep active. I don't want to sit around doing nothing. I'm always wanting to do things." He's coached high school softball and basketball and enjoys hunting on occasion.

"We wish we could clone Ron," said Mansfield Plumbing President Jim Morando in the release.
"He shows up every day and throughout the entire day he is committed to being part of the solution."

Maybe cloning isn't practical, but keeping more of the Kline clan around is a close solution. A daughter and son both work at the company, as does Kline's brother Elmer. Two other brothers recently retired. All told, the family has a collective 220 years at Mansfield.

Of course, with those 38 grandkids, retiring may not be an option for other reasons. That's a lot of birthday and holiday gifts to purchase. Though, if Kline does call it a day in the future, chances are good that he could pick up some work as a babysitter.
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