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3 Tips to Overcome Winter Obstacles
3 Tips to Overcome Winter Obstacles

You may find yourself in some tough situations this winter. Here are a few tips to overcome common cold-weather obstacles.

First, did you know that you can get your car out of the snow without paying for a tow truck? That winter snowfall can wreck some serious havoc on your car, but keeping a bag of cat litter in your trunk will save you in a pinch.

If you get stuck with spinning tires in the snow, just pour some over the tires. You'll get the traction you need and be on your way without having to call for extra help. If you don't have kitty litter or salt on hand, your car's floor mats will work, too.

Another trick will save you money and stress this winter is DIY windshield washer fluid. Just mix 2 quarts of rubbing alcohol, with 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of dish detergent. This solution won't freeze, allowing you to quickly clean and go.

While the weather outside is frightful, stay warm and safe with these cold season hacks. There's no reason to let snow and ice put a freeze on your winter.