Mobile Game of the Week: Jelly Jumper


In this week's Mobile Game of the Week, you'll strategy and maneuvering skills will be put to the test in Jelly Jumper.

Using your finger (or the left-mouse click on desktop), you will control a little blob of jelly through a level full of jelly blocks. Your goal is to eliminate all of the jelly blocks by jumping on them. Although it may sound easy, you'll have to always think a couple moves ahead because the jelly blocks are arranged in a way to get you stuck - where you cannot make any more moves without jumping into the air, and thus, losing the game.

In addition, as you progress through all 36 levels, you'll be presented with blocks that require more than one jump to destroy, and a whole host of traps that will require you to have flawless timing with your jumps.

If you think you're up to the challenge, pull out your phone and click here to play Jelly Jumper now.

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