10 Overused Buzzwords You Should Cut From Your LinkedIn Profile Immediately

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By Jacquelyn Smith

If you describe yourself as "a creative, passionate marketing expert with an excellent track record" on LinkedIn, it may be time to rewrite your profile.

According to LinkedIn, those are some of the most overused buzzwords right now, and using them may hurt you in your job search.

"If you're motivated about your career, passionate about doing your best work, and are highly creative, then I've got news for you; so is everyone else," writes LinkedIn career expert Catherine Fisher.

To compile its fifth annual list of the most overused buzzwords worldwide, the professional networking giant looked for the words and phrases that showed up most frequently on the profiles of its 332 million users.

The No. 1 overused buzzword last year across LinkedIn profiles globally and in the US was "motivated."

If you want your profile to stand out in 2015, avoid these overused words and phrases:

1. Motivated

2. Passionate

3. Creative

4. Driven

5. Extensive experience

6. Responsible

7. Strategic

8. Track record

9. Organizational

10. Expert