The Top 5 Bubble Shooters

Like it's spiritual cousin - the Match-3 genre - the bubble shooter genre is one of the most popular game types around due in large part to the simplicity of the game mode: look for groups of the same colored balls or bubbles or what you, and then aim your bubble shooter loaded with the same colored bubble at the group to explode them all.

And though the bubble shooter's popularity comes from that simplicity, you often are hard-pressed to find a unique and fresh take on genre. So, the got together and selected our top 5 favorite bubble shooters in our enormous web and mobile game library with the goal of highlighting simple, quirky, or different concepts.

5. Bubblez

First in our list of bubble shooter suggestions is Bubblez! Bubblez! is one of our most popular titles at and for good reason: it's a simple bubble shooter. It doesn't try to overcomplicate the traditional gameplay in the genre and won't overwhelm you with the craziest of animations and graphics. It's the perfect bubble shooter if you just want your quick bubble-popping fix.


4. Bouncing Balls

Next, we have Bouncing Balls, another one of our most popular titles. Like Bubblez!, Bouncing Balls won't try to immerse you in anything else besides a classic bubble shooter. But what makes this game shine is the fluid and smooth mechanics at work. You'll almost never get angry or frustrated at the tricky angular moves you'll be make to clear the board in this game because the gameplay - the game physics - is the epitome of clean and precise.


3. Bubble Town

A great bubble shooter should be simple in its gameplay, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't experiment within the genre. And Bubble Town does just that, replacing the traditional colored balls or bubbles with ones full of personality. Literally, the bubbles you'll be popping in Bubble Town have actual faces. It's admittedly a little strange at first, but it becomes a wonderful surprise and motivational factor as you progress to each new level to see what new citizen of this town you'll meet.


2. Bubble Mouse Blast

Our first runner-up - taking the second spot in our top 5 bubble shooters - is Bubble Mouse Blast. Truthfully, a large part of the appeal is the enthusiasm that the mouse in the logo displays, but that's because he's playing a wonderful bubble shooter full of character. Again, the gameplay is the same as any other bubble shooter, but there's something to say about the simple addition of a character that makes you feel more immersed in the game.


1. Bubble Charms

And our number one bubble shooter is Bubble Charms. Not only does it provide a wonderful experience on both desktop and mobile, this cross-platform bubble shooter is firing on all cylinders. If the beautiful artwork and graphics don't keep you playing, the gameplay - simple enough to remain classic and traditional, but without feeling derivative or redundant - certainly will. And if all of that doesn't keep you interested, the whimsical music will keep you playing just to listen to it some more.