Where America's Favorite Pie Fillings Come From [Infographic]

slice of apple pie with whole pie in background
Rick Gayle Studio/Fuse

It's National Pie Day, which celebrates of one of America's deepest food traditions -- a tradition that has been traced back to as far as ancient Egypt.

National Pie Day is also a celebration of loved ones and togetherness. As the American Pie Council suggests, "slow down and share heartfelt gratitude with loved ones over a delicious slice of pie."

While the day's focus is on the dessert, in earlier eras, pie were mostly meat-based options. And it also took a while for people to eating the crusts, too.

While America may still be an apple pie nation, other tastes are starting to emerge. Flavors like pumpkin, cherry and lemon meringue are making their way on to more dinner tables. The graphic below shows which states have had the heaviest hand in filling our pies over the past few years.