What McDonald's Franchisees Want Cut From The Menu

If McDonald's listens to its franchisees, the menu might be getting a lot simpler. Don't worry, Big Macs aren't going anywhere.

According to Consumerist, the items franchisees would like to see downsized or eliminated are the McCafé line and Happy Meals. A Janney Montgomery Scott restaurant analyst surveyed 30 domestic McDonald's franchises (representing 198 stores). BurgerBusiness reported the results.

December comps on average were -2.1%. The estimate for January was -1.7% with some franchises saying sales had slightly improved. McDonald's has begun simplifying its menu, but not fast enough, according to many of the survey responses:

"Eliminate the McCafé line. Downsize Happy Meal choices."

"Downsized? Happy Meals are a chore to ring up with all the options. Perhaps corporate should make a decision on what a Happy Meal is and stop with complicating the choices."

"Eliminate espresso coffee drinks. Downsize Premium McWraps down to one or two. They take so long to make we already hope nobody orders them."

Another idea for menu simplification was to allow customers to choose their own menu items, as opposed to the current model where many existing menu items already have complex construction.

Whether McDonald's Corporate will take these suggestions is yet to be known, but franchisees are calling for the company to "do more than just talk about it this time."

Now, if only franchise operators were as concerned with eliminating the rampant racial and sexual harassment happening in their stores.
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