Video Captures Florida Daycare Worker Kicking Child

And the award for the week's worst employee goes to... the Florida daycare worker who repeatedly kicked a 16-month-old girl sleeping on the floor.

48-year-old Linda K. Klemm from Tarpon Springs, Florida was arrested and charged with child abuse after security camera footage caught her repeatedly kicking a child in her care.

The horrifying incident occurred at the Kids Stop-N-Play daycare in Holiday, Florida. Crystal Faggione, the victim's mother, first noticed red marks on her daughter, including three on her forehead and one underneath her eye. She also noticed a red, bald patch on her daughter's head.

Faggione called Kids Stop-N-Play, but they replied that the bruise did not happen at the daycare. After finding more bruises on her daughter later in the day, she demanded an explanation from them.

"I took her up to the daycare, and I said, 'This did not happen in my house. This happened here'," Faggione told The Tampa Bay Times.

She took her child to the hospital and the authorities were notified. The Sheriff's Office was able to obtain video from the daycare.

The footage shows Faggione's daughter lying on her stomach, while other children play nearby. To wake her up, Klemm approaches and kicks her on the top of her head. In another video clip, recorded ten minutes later, the girl is seen sleeping in the same spot with a teddy bear and blanket. Klemm again approaches her, kicks the girl in the backside, then forces her into a sitting position before walking away.

Klemm has denied abusing the child, despite the police showing her the video about half a dozen times.

Kids Stop-N-Play owner Rhonda Swetland fired Klemm immediately.

"I'm appalled. I'm devastated. I've been here 22 years. Nothing like this has ever happened," Swetland said. "[Klemm] has four children of her own. She's not a young girl who gets stressed out... Everybody's appalled."

Yes, you read that right. Linda K. Klemm is a mother of four. While neither Klemm nor the daycare had any previous complaints on file, Klemm does have a record. She faced a charge in 2009 for retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
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