's 10 Most Popular


We have a lot of games here at, so we've compiled a list of our best and most popular titles to give you a good idea of all the fun, exciting times waiting to be had. Whether you're new to or a veteran, a Just Words master or a Spades queen, our definitive list of our best offerings will help introduce you to or rediscover some of the best quality, classic games on the Internet.


#1 Just Words

For the bookish bunch, we have our most popular game, Just Words. If you're a Scrabble world champion or just the reigning champ in your family, Just Words is the perfect game for you on You can join a community of like-minded, word-obsessed gamers and test your mettle - and vocabulary.


#2 Texas Hold'em No Limit

Easily the most popular poker game around, Texas Hold'em No Limit has to make an appearance on any top 10 list. If you aren't too familiar with the game, Texas Hold'em is a variation on the classic 7-card hand poker, but instead of a full seven cards, you and your opponents are dealt two cards each. Using those cards and five subsequently revealed by the dealer after bets are made, your job is the same as any gambling card game: get the best hand possible to win the pot, or bluff you way to a sweet, sweet victory.


#3 Solitaire: Classic

Not only is it one of the oldest card games around, Solitaire has been a staple in PC gaming since the days when you would spend hours passing the time away between this classic card game and Minesweeper on your desktop computer. But now, after years and years of the advancement of technology and this little thing called "the Internet," you can play Solitaire online. And here at, the card game where you match an entire deck of cards based on numbers, suits, and colors is one of our best and most popular titles, proving that not all old dogs need to learn new tricks.


#4 Bubble Town

Welcome to Bubble Town, population: more than one thousand people who play this addictive bubble shooter daily. In Bubble Town, like any other bubble shooting game, you have to clear a game board filled with various different colored bubbles by matching three or more of the same colored bubbles. Using a point-and-click shooter, the trick is to strategically group as many of the same colored bubbles together before popping them all to collect a huge amount of points.


#5 Spades

Spades is a four-player card game where two teams battle to win the most amount of cards. You and your partner, without looking or speaking about each other's cards, attempt to win the most "tricks." At the start of the game, each player bids, determining how many "tricks" they will win based on their cards. After doing so, the assigned dealer plays a suit with each player playing a card in the same suit if they have it. These four played cards - the trick - then goes to the player who has the highest number card in the same suit. The Spade suit is particularly important as it trumps any other suit, making the Ace of Spades the most sought after card because it can win any trick.


#6 Backgammon

We have another classic game for you, one that needs no introduction: Backgammon. In this two-person game, your goal is clear all of your checkers on the game board before your opponent does. In order to do that you most move them by rolling two dice where your rolls dictate the amount of spaces you move. So, rather simply, if you roll a seven, then you move seven spaces.


#7 Letter Garden

If you like word games and clearing boards in Match-3 games, Letter Garden will be the perfect mix of both. In Letter Garden, you are presented with a "garden" of letter tiles. Instead of matching 3 of the same type, your job is make words by moving and rearranging the tiles. If you are successful in creating a word, you clear those tiles from the board and flowers take their place. Fill the entire garden with flowers, and you can move onto the next level.


#8 Hearts

In Hearts, your job is to essentially evade the Queen of Spades and any Heart cards. The game begins when whoever holds the 2 of Clubs plays that card. After that, players take turns playing one card in their hand that matches the suit. Whoever played the highest card in that suit takes the cards and places them to the side to later score at the end of the game. At the end of the game, you want to be the player with the least amount of points (the player who has "won" the least amount of cards), so you want to really avoid the Queen of Spades and Heart cards because they score the highest.


#9 Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy, although being an old-time classic, is fairly new to the top 10 most popular games. Every player is dealt 10 cards with the goal of forming melds of three or more cards in either a run of the same suit (a sequence) or a group of the same value (number or face card). That being said, you will want to try to keep your deadwood (un-melded cards) to a minimum. You will be given points for any of your opponents' deadwood, but you will also forfeit points for your own deadwood. So, if you can get all your cards melded, yell "Gin" and win the round without any deductions.


#10 Slots Lounge

For all of you casino lovers, we round out the top 10 list with Slots Lounge. The game really needs no introduction, but at the Slots Lounge, you'll enjoy a variety of free slots like Jalapeno Heat, Frozen Assets, and Silver Bells - all of which do not need to be unlocked.