Top Mobile Games Revealed

While provides you with one of the biggest libraries of free desktop games on the Internet, we didn't forget about our lovely mobile users. We made a guide to our 10 best and most popular free online games to play at home, but the team has also compiled a list of some of our favorite mobile games - in no particular order - for you to play when you're on the go.

Bubble Charms

Up first, we have one of the most colorful, mobile bubble shooters in our library, Bubble Charms. Like any other game in the genre, in order to achieve bubble shooting greatness, you'll want to keep an eye on the color of bubbles you have coming up next. This strategy will allow you to create the biggest chains of bubbles for the maximum amount of points.


Fruity Party

Next, we've invited you to this mobile Match-3 party, Fruity Party. In this Match-3 game, your goal is to combine three or more of the same fruits to clear the board and advance to the next level. As you progress through the game, you'll need to rely more and more on specific bonus fruits that will help you clear the board.


Sushi Slicer

You can test your dexterity in this mobile favorite, Sushi Slicer. In this mobile game, you will be tasked with creating some sushi. To do that, you will slice ingredients as the appear on the screen, and in doing so, score points. If you let an ingredient fall, you'll lose points, and if you slice any of the bombs that will appear on the screen to distract you, your role as head chef will end - game over.


Vector Runner Remix

For all you retro gamers, our next choice in the selection is Vector Runner Remix, a polygonal racing game that will surely bring back memories of Tron. Your job is to simply reach the finish line without hitting any obstacles. Along the way, you will collect power cubes that will increase your score.


Quick Play Klondike

You may be used to playing solitaire on your desktop computer, but now you can play it on the go with Quick Play Klondike. It's the same solitaire you know and love - where you arrange an entire deck of cards by suit from Ace to King - but a lot more convenient when your on the bus, on the subway, or carpooling to work.



Your mission in the intergalactic Breakout game, Sparkanoid, is to clear the entire level of bricks by bouncing a ball back and forth. Positioning is incredibly important as the ball will ricochet in a different direction once it touches either your spaceship or the bricks at the top of the level. Also, you'll want to pay attention to both the power-ups and negative bonus effects that will greatly affect your gameplay, by either letting you reset the ball or shrinking your spaceship.


Heal'em All

In Heal'em All, the zombie apocalypse has descended upon the world. Fortunately for humankind, the cure exists. And it's your job to spread it in this minimalistic RPG adventure game. Navigate through each level using the W, A, S, D keys and shoot at the zombies you encounter to cure them before advancing to the next level.


Jigsaw City Trip

With Jigsaw City Trip, we're adding a nice, relaxing game into the mix, while still being challenging enough to keep you going. Everyone loves a good puzzle, and everyone loves a beautiful city skyline, so with Jigsaw City Trip you get the best of both worlds. There are three difficulty modes so even the best puzzle makers out there will still feel tested.


Monster Snake

Monster Snake takes a classic cellphone game and gives it a new mobile gaming twist. You will take control of a hungry snake and feed him by directing him toward cupcakes without hitting the edges as it will end the game. With each cupcake though, the snake will get larger making it harder to move around his confined box.


Cute Puzzle Witch

To round out the list of the best of the best in our mobile catalog, we have Cute Puzzle Witch, a Match-3 game that's nothing to mess around with. In Cute Puzzle Witch, you will have to clear a board covered in tiles by touching any group of three or more tiles. Once you clear some, more will fall from above.