Discover Our Match-3 Favorites

Let's face it. Although the Match-3 genre is one of the most popular game types around, it's often hard to find a wholly original and new take on the classic Match-3. So, with the goal of introducing you to quirky and different concepts, we've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite Match-3 games here on

From fruit to Russian nest dolls to penguins building a city, here our's best Match-3 games waiting to be played.

5. Trizzle

In most Match-3 games, you're dealing with blocks, cubes, and gems in all sorts of similar colors - red, yellow, green, blue. But in Trizzle, although the mechanics are normal to the Match-3 genre (rotating pieces on a board to group three or more of the same piece together), you won't find any gems or cubes here. Instead, we got Russian nesting dolls to match and group - an altogether ingenious twist on the genre.


4. Ice Breakers

Again, the actual gameplay of Ice Breakers isn't fairly different from any other Match-3 game, but there's something about a playing as a group of penguin foreman trying to rebuild their city that makes Ice Breakers such a treat to play. In a lot of Match-3 games, the context around why you are matching and combining different tiles is sort of lacking, which why we think the little hint of a back story in this penguin Match-3 game adds a bit of flavor to the genre.


3. Cute Puzzle Witch

Cute Puzzle Witch offers a different take on the Match-3 norm. Instead of rotating single blocks to create chains of three or more of the same icon, in Cute Puzzle Witch, you are given a board with block combinations already grouped. By simply tapping them you remove them from the board, and new colored blocks appear. But the game difficulty accelerates quickly as you are removing blocks in a quicker fashion than most Match-3 games.


2. Fruity Party

Coming in at second is Fruity Party, a relatively new game here at, but one that has certainly started to gain traction with the audience. Due in large part to the colorful and vivid artwork, playing Fruity Party isn't just a treat to play because of its challenging like any other Match-3 game, but because the fruity icons you're tasked with destroying are just so beautiful.


1. Bejeweled 2

We had to give the number one spot to the game that truly started the Match-3 craze - the progenitor of all Match-3 games featured in our list and across the Internet - Bejeweled 2. This is where it all started with the genre, and, like every Match-3 game that game after it, Bejeweled provided simple, yet challenging gameplay that was immediately accessible for all gamers.