The Job Market Is On The Rise In 2015

The Job Market Is On The Rise In 2015
Losing weight, working out regularly, quitting smoking, and finding a new job. When January rolls around, those are all popular New Year's resolutions. AOL Jobs cannot predict whether this will be the year you finally start hitting the gym, but if you're looking to make a career change, 2015 is looking like a good year for the job market.

USA Today reports that employers added 321,000 jobs in November, and that trend is expected to continue as we begin the first month of 2015.

CareerBuilder also brings good news. Their U.S. Job Forecast for 2015 found that 36% of employers expected to add full-time permanent employees this year.

Clearly, employers are looking to hire, but don't wait to send your application in. Your peers are also on the job hunt. Simply Hired says January is their busiest job search month as people seek to change their lives with a new year.

So what jobs have the most growth? The fastest growing jobs are in the tech and healthcare fields. CareerBuilder predicts growth in cloud and mobile technology, cyber security, managing and interpreting big data, and robotics. CNN Money projects there will be a demand for computer software engineers, network and computer system administrators, as well as for physical and occupational therapists, and physicians' assistants.

If those aren't your areas of expertise, there's no reason to be worried, all signs show employers are looking for people in all fields. It sounds like 2015 will be a year for career opportunity. Here's hoping we are far from the recession years of 2008/2009.
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