Puppies Allegedly Dog-Napped By FedEx Driver Are Home Again

A Texas woman accused an unidentified FedEx driver of stealing her two French bulldog puppies, putting them in his truck, and driving off with them. A baseless accusation? No, it was actually the result of noticing the dogs were missing and checking the multiple security cameras on the property. The good news is that the dogs are back with their family.

Erica Valdez Correa posted the video on Facebook and YouTube, insisting that the driver wasn't even supposed to make a delivery to her home, let alone a pickup that allegedly became a snatch and grab. The video was pretty damning.

You can see a truck with a FedEx logo drive up to the house and someone take first one dog and then the other. The driver was reportedly a contract delivery person working for FedEx Ground.

The good news is that the dogs, Sheila and Bruno, are now back home, according to KHOU-TV. "We're just so happy," said Armando Correa, Erica's husband. "We feel like our family is complete again, really, because we couldn't go another night without these two."

"To me, [the driver] is a monster," said Erica Correa to KHOU-TV. "My kids were here. If they would have seen him, how would my children have reacted?"

Their daughter held one puppy and lifted up a paw of the other, saying, "Hip, hip, hurray!"

Thursday night, someone found the two puppies wandering around and brought them to a veterinary clinic. Workers had seen news stories about the missing dogs and recognized them.

The local sheriff's department is looking into the matter. FedEx released the following statement:

FedEx Ground takes this matter very seriously and is working closely with authorities investigating this matter.

The driver is currently on suspension by FedEx until the investigation results are known.

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