Gaston Owns Disney World Tourist In Push-Up Contest

YouTube, Blake PlattOnly a fool would challenge Disney World's Gaston to a push-up contest.

No one fights like Gaston, douses lights like Gaston, and no one does push-ups like Gaston. A young man found that out the hard way, when he challenged the Disney World thespian playing Gaston to a push-up contest and got totally owned.

In a viral video with over two million views, a Disney World tourist boasts that he's stronger than Gaston and challenges him to a push-up contest. He soon learns that the actor's muscles aren't simply part of the costume. The tourist struggles after several push-ups, while Gaston taunts him and easily performs one-handed push-ups to a cheering crowd.

The internet loves him too. One YouTube commenter said, "I love this video. It shows that the employees at this park not only act like their characters but can back up their claims that it really is almost like the movies. Props to this employee who can do this!"

Clearly, this Gaston's got biceps to spare and dedication to the job. This is his second viral video. The first, posted back in November and now at nearly five million views, shows a sassy little girl named Isabella putting him in his place.

This guy should be Disney's employee of the year. He's got such a serious commitment to character that he probably even uses antlers in all of his decorating.
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