Surprise! Time Warner Cable Is the Most-Hated Company in America

They say that America is a country divided--by class, by race, by political views--but as one recent survey proves, that's not the case at all. In fact, Americans are deeply united by one thing, and one thing alone: their burning hatred for Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

As MarketWatch reported, the latter company took not just the top, but the top two spots in the University of Michigan's annual report on the least popular companies in America. TWC's ISP ranked a dubious number one, with their television provider following right behind. Comcast took home the bronze--blame it on the anxiety-inducing customer service call that went viral last summer.

The study, known as the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, scores companies on a rating of one to 100. Figures are based on 70,000 interviews, economic sector scores, industry scores, government other words, this isn't the same thing as a crappy Amazon review.

To give you an idea of what "worst" looks like, TWC received a 54 and 56 for their internet and TV services, respectively, while Comcast got slapped with an overall rating of 57. By the way, did you know that these companies are working on a merger? Mordor is rising, folks. Hold on to your subscription rates.

United Airlines snagged fifth place (60)--wait, fifth? That's right: Comcast also ate up two spots, with their Internet and TV services faring nearly as poorly as TWC's. Wal-Mart, never to be outdone, was the worst-ranked retailer on the list, with an overall score of 71. Here's a quick rundown of the dubious top five (click here for the full list):

1. Time Warner Cable (Internet Service Providers): 54
2. Time Warner Cable (Subscription Television Service): 56
3. Comcast (Internet Service Providers): 57
4. Comcast (Subscription Service Providers): 60
5. United Airlines: 60

Let's hope their collective new year's resolution is "get America to stop hating us."
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