Ask Jack: Job Search Resolutions, Candy Crush Addicts, Job of the Week

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As 2014 becomes 2015, AOL Jobs reader Carl has a question...

Hey Jack. Can you suggest any New Year's resolutions regarding my ongoing job search?

Well, sure I can, Carl -- and it will give me yet another excuse to put off writing my own resolutions.

1) I'll apply for at least one job every day. As with many things in life, job searching is a numbers game, so why not increase your odds? Then you'll also stay in practice filling out the applications.

2) I will stay positive. The Thanksgiving-to-New Year's stretch is not the ideal job-hunting period. Hiring managers have been taking time off and even when around, their minds were not always on work or they were rushing to finish end-of-year projects. So don't get bummed out by recent non-responses; the new year is a new chance. And everybody will stay focused on their jobs until Memorial Day!

3) At least once a week, I'll contact an old friend/co-worker/classmate/relative. Oh, don't contact the same person every week, as that could get creepy. But networking remains the name of the game. Who knows, maybe your old friend has a new job, or just met someone in your field. Your casual "If you hear of anything, let me know" could really get the ball rolling.

4) I will keep my résumé and LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Months go by and we might forget to include some project work we did or a volunteer position, or even that we changed apartments. Regular updating will prevent last-minute scrambling when you're asked to provide your particulars.

5) I will read "Ask Jack" every week, and will always share it on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, it was worth a shot, right?

Meanwhile, Louise has a serious problem.

Help!! I can't stop playing Candy Crush Soda Saga while I'm supposed to be working. What can I do?

Wait, are you the one who keeps sending me invitations to play? STOP IT. Our beloved apps can certainly be a distraction during the workday. Can you make a deal with yourself that you'll only play as a reward? i.e. If I finish a piece of work, I can play as a short break. But the problem with our "addictions" is that they don't always respond to logic. So... hide your phone. Put it in a bottom drawer or deep in your bag or in an inside coat pocket. Out of sight may not always equal "out of mind," but at least make it a little more difficult for yourself. You know, think of it as a game.

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Jack's Job of the Week

Hey, Louise, do I have a job for you: video-game tester in Austin, Texas! Imagine that, they'll pay you to play video games. (Of course, then you'll probably sneak off to complete marketing reports and budget forecasts.) If that sort of job isn't app-ealing, do your own search on AOL Jobs right now. Find a new job for the new year!

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