Apps to Keep Your Diet on Track -- Savings Experiment

Apps to Keep Your Diet on Track
Apps to Keep Your Diet on Track

Did you know you can lose weight without losing money? Whether in person or online, joining a diet program can get pretty pricey -- some cost over $200 per year. Why shell out all that cash when you can get the same weight-loss results for free and on your phone?

Apps, like Diet Point, offer plenty of different eating plans to choose from. This fan favorite provides you with food plans, shopping lists and mealtime notifications. It even estimates how much weight you'll lose with each plan, saving you calories and cash.

Speaking of saving money, there's another app out there that will help you eat healthy and cheaply all at once. It's called Zipongo. This app automatically alerts you to weekly sale items and digital coupons, helping you build a healthy shopping list around current savings.

It then pulls those healthy "GO foods" on sale from your local stores and grocers and customizes recipes just for you. The best part: no tracking, calorie counting or coupons needed!

So download one of these weight-loss apps today and you'll find that you don't have to drop dollars to drop pounds.