Don't Be Duped by Gender-Biased Pricing -- Savings Experiment

Don't Be Duped by Gender-Biased Pricing
Don't Be Duped by Gender-Biased Pricing

These two bottles of big-name body wash are nearly identical, except that one is marketed towards men and the other one is marketed toward women. The thing is, the ladies' bottle can cost you up to $2 more. Here are a few more instances of gender-biased pricing that you and your budget should watch out for.

Let's start with deodorant. At some stores, this name-brand men's deodorant can go for about $2.79 for a 3-ounce bottle, while the pricier women's version can cost up to $2.99 for a 2.3-ounce bottle! That's nearly 30 percent more per ounce. In situations like these, buying an unscented men's deodorant will not only be cheaper, it'll be just as effective.

Razors are another product notorious for gender-pricing. While there is no proven advantage of using a women's razor for shaving, these designs can routinely cost you more.

Refill cartridges can cost up to 50 cents higher as well, so using the a men's razor can help you save while you shave. And speaking of shaving, let's not forget shaving cream, which also tends to cost more. For example, these two cans hold the same amount, yet the female-branded one goes for about 30 cents more. Like deodorant, going with the unscented men's version will work just fine.

So the next time you're shopping at your local drugstore, keep your eye out for gender-biased products. Shop smart, and you won't have to pay different prices for the same product ever again!


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