Game 11 of the 12 Games of Christmas: Delicious Emily's

This Christmas, the team has compiled a list -- and checked it twice –– of our very best holiday games. In addition to the regular Game of the Day selections, for these 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will be adding an additional game for your enjoyment.

It's Christmas Eve, and while you wait for your family to arrive home at any minute, pass the time with today's holiday game, Delicious Emily's Holiday Season.

In this holiday update of the original Delicious Emily's, you'll be running your own restaurant during the holiday season. Guests will come in and order certain foods and treats. It's up to you to fulfill their orders as quickly as possible to keep the flow of guests going. If there aren't any tables open, guests will leave when they enter, so time management is key.

If you want to check out more of our holiday-themed games, head over to our Holiday Category page where you can find hundreds more to keep your Christmas spirits up.

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