Candy Crowley Bids Farewell After 27 Years At CNN

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After 27 years at CNN, Candy Crowley is signing off. On Sunday, she hosted her last State of the Union, ending with an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama, salutes from her Sunday morning competition, and a heartfelt goodbye to her viewers.

In the interview, Crowley and Obama discussed North Korea's cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, race in America, Guantanamo Bay, and international relations with Cuba, Russia, and Iran. At the end of their conversation, Crowley received a congratulatory message from the president.

"Candy, I want to say, congratulations on an extraordinary career," Obama said to the news anchor. "You will be missed, but I'm sure you'll be doing some interesting stuff in the future and I hope we get a chance to interact again."

"I hope so, too," said Crowley, as the two shook hands and wished each other a happy holidays.

Obama was not the only one to salute Crowley. After rolling footage of a young Crowley in 1983 asking President Ronald Reagan her first question as a member of the White House press corps, anchors as diverse as Fox News' Chris Wallace, ABC's George Stephanopoulos, CBS News' Bob Schieffer, NBC News' Chuck Todd, and CNN's Wolf Blitzer looked into the camera and expressed their regards. Many of those anchors were Crowley's Sunday morning competition, but they still wished to salute their peer.

The last words came from Crowley herself, as she said, "Television news, as you may know, is a team sport. It doesn't take a village, it takes a mid-size country."

She thanked her audience, her many interview subjects, her colleagues, her State of the Union crew, and her children. After thanking her children, she joked that she would not be moving in with any of them. Her next move is still under wraps, saying only that she plans to "try something new in someplace new."
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