Seth Rogen Buys Ranch Escape in Hollywood Hills

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Associated PressSeth Rogen, right, has purchased a Hollywood retreat for $8 million in the midst of an international controversy.
Who could blame "The Interview" actor/co-writer Seth Rogen for wanting to get away from it all? Rogen just bought a 10-acre ranch in Hollywood Hills West in an off-market deal for nearly $8 million.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the wilderness spread has its own waterfall, two streams, mature trees and trails -- just the natural calm that a comic actor in the middle of a global firestorm could use. The property also features a one-story main house, guest house, swimming pool and sports court.

"The Interview," starring Rogen and bud James Franco, is an R-rated comedy about an assassination plot to kill North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. And unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, you know the picture is at the center of a cyberattack on Sony Pictures and terrorist threats to attack movie theaters that showed it. Sony canceled the Christmas release of the comedy, provoking criticism from celebrities and President Barack Obama for buckling to terrorist threats.

Can't win for losing.

But back to important business like Mr. Rogen's ranch purchase. The main house, built in 1955, features three bedrooms, three baths, flagstone floors and fireplace.
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