25 Best Holiday Gifts for Renters

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Shutterstock / Syda ProductionsThink small, or at least compact, efficient and portable, when buying gifts for family and friends who live in apartments.

Searching for the perfect gift for the apartment-dweller in your life? It's easy to give a large or bulky gift to the owner of a big home; they have the space to accommodate it. But what can you give to a renter –- particular one with limited space?

You're sure to find some inspiration on this list of 25 ideas specially selected for renters.

Home Decor

1.Air mattress. Turn any room into a guest room for those overnight houseguests.

2. Plants. Brighten up your space and purify your air with some pretty houseplants. For bonus points, give your gift in a self-watering planter, which keeps those plants alive and well, even if you're a bit forgetful.

3. Cozy throw blanket. A warm throw in an eye-catching design is perfect for winter evenings.

4. Fold-up tray table. Create extra space for eating, working on the computer and more, wherever it's needed.

5. Framed artwork. Add some flair to those plain white walls.

6. Decorative screen. Great for sectioning a room into separate areas or creating privacy in a studio.


7. Closet organizers. Hanging shelves, belt and scarf hangers, and shoe racks help maximize the storage capacity of small closets.

8. Double-duty furniture. Renters in a small space could benefit from a love seat with a pullout mattress, an ottoman with storage capacity, or other furniture that serves double-duty.

9. Nesting tables. Create extra surface space when it's needed; tuck them away when it's not.

10. Portable island. Many come with cool features like butcher-block tops, pullout cutting boards and built-in trash can storage.

11. Folding laundry station. Look for one with wheels, laundry-sorting bins and a foldout ironing board.

12. Clever shelving. Display books and knickknacks on a space-saving corner shelf or an invisible bookshelf that takes up less visual space.

13. Container Store gift card. Not sure exactly what a renter's space needs? Give them a gift card to this organizational mecca and let them choose for themselves.

Tech & Gadgets

14.Keyless entry device. Great for roommates, cleaning services, dog walkers and more, digital devices like the August Smart Lock and Lockitron do away with the need for keys and constant lock changing.

15. Bluetooth speaker. Take your tunes from room to room and power them from your smart phone or MP3 player.

16. Digital frame. Cut down on photo clutter -- and change up your photos as often as you like -- with a digital frame that displays pictures on a loop.


17. Tool kit. Since the landlord takes care of most repairs, many renters lack a basic tool kit, which can come in handy for things like furniture assembly.

18. Tabletop ornament tree. No room for a full-sized tree? A decorative wire "tree" that fits on your table can be a fun way to show off your favorite holiday ornaments.

19. Decorative coasters. When space is at a premium, extra places for guests to set their drinks can come in handy. Coasters also help guard furniture from watermarks and spills.

20. Bike-sharing membership. Give metropolitan renters another way to get around, without the cost of a car or the hassle of finding a place to store a bike in their home. Give them the gift of hassle-free transportation with a membership to a program like Citi Bike or Bike Share.

21. Car-sharing membership. For longer trips, or for those who simply prefer driving, a membership to a car-sharing program such as ZipCar or RelayRides can be a great gift.

22. Cleaning service gift card. This is one of the things most people would love to have but aren't always able to pay for themselves.

23. Food prep or meal subscription. Whether you want ready-made meals delivered to your door or you'd prefer to get fresh ingredients you can assemble yourself, there are plenty of great programs like Plated, Relish and Blue Apron.

24. E-reader. Perfect for book lovers who don't have the shelf space for a ton of physical books.

25. Fold-up luggage. Luggage takes up a lot of closet space, which is often at a premium in a rental unit. Foldable pieces that can be stacked on a shelf or stowed under a bed are big space-savers.

Paula Pant quit her office job in 2008, traveled to 32 countries and became a successful real estate investor. Her blog Afford Anything is the groundswell of a rebellion against standard advice that says you should chain yourself to a desk for 40 years. Afford Anything is dedicated to crushing limits and maximizing life.
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